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About Me

Hello, this is me. I am a Husband, Father, and Professional Photographer. I currently have a full-time day job that sometimes gets in the way of my photography time, but hey, it pays the bills. 

Ever since I walked away from my wedding photography business back in the early 2000's I have been trying to describe myself as a photographer because that is what "the experts" say one needs to do when branding themselves. My problem is I love to photograph SO much that no one hat really fits me well, but one early morning it hit me...I am just a "Photographer". I love to photograph Landscapes, Nature, Street Photography, and even doing some portrait work. 

I have been shooting exclusively with Nikon Digital Cameras for the last 20+ years as I think Nikon is the leader in lenses and makes some of the best cameras on the market today. Over the last 10 years I have been honing my craft of landscape and travel photography while experimenting with different styles and pushing myself to learn as much as I can about digital processing of my images. As I get nearer to retirement with my day job, I am excited to finally turn this part-time business and passion into my full-time experience.

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