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About Me


Hello, this is me.


I am a Semi-Professional Photographer, a Husband to a wonderful wife, and a father to a great son. I have a full-time day job that most times gets in the way of my photography time, but with retirement right around the corner that won’t be an issue for too much longer (Whoo Hoo!). 


I love capturing the world around me with my cameras. One of my favorite places to photograph is out in nature as I find it truly tranquil and a place when I can recharge myself. I also enjoy traveling and seeing new places as my wife and I love long road-trips via our travel trailer. 

If you noticed here on my site, as much of a Landscape photographer as I am, I also photograph some other things. I tend not to wear just one hat as I feel challenging myself to photograph more than one genre allows me to fulfill my artistic soul. 


For those gear junkies that may wonder, I have been shooting with Nikon camera’s and lenses for over 25 years. Obviously I feel they are the best combination of cameras and lenses. Psst…Hey Nikon.. I am open to being your next Nikon Ambassador! *wink*

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